Endotzi is a Mexican company products huitlacoche (a fungus derived from corn) and other fungi Success That scam AS gourmet products marketed in Spain, Canada and Mexico. “Our vision is to replace the huitlacoche As A Food For elite, AS WAS in prehispanic Mexico, When chiefs or rulers alone could eat,” explains Mariano Jacinto, Executive Director of this Company.

In 2010, This need NOT Carried Search Company with a TechPYME Find Support Program WSCF and soon after have worked With acceleration International WSCF TechBA a Through its headquarters in Vancouver. “Thanks to the WSCF Our plant was able to meet with the regulations and had links with the Institutions scam yes What did the Technology Transfer”, SAID Jacinto.

WE “Working scam WSCF gave us what we wanted, how Rural Producers With Aspirations international market. They gave us the opportunity entender The Canadian Market Through Buy Online Foods from old mexico PRODUCTS ABOUT US NEW SELLER Buy online CURRENTLY Endotzi produce 12 Tons Of Fresh Mushrooms servings month, the majority of which are specifically targeted to the external market, and market a self Mexico Through Comercial Mexicana, City Market, Liverpool, Chedraui and HEB. The Success of the Company has recently been reported by Mexican media, UN dedicate Entrepreneur magazine article highlighting the Company’s Leadership Mariano Jacinto and has overcome obstacles Endozi sos para position products. In addition, The Research and Development Agency prepared notations About A Company That Has Been Over 15 adopted portions Media At Home.

The huitlachoche, rich in flavor and nutrients.
The huitlacoche is a delicious food, but-also’s rich in protein, minerals, vitamins and essential oils; By What is very Appreciated in popularity and Earning Nationwide in Other countries.
The black spores huitlacoche son phenolic compounds that act as antioxidants, but do black color can cause the rejection. “In Mexico, Sometimes is Not Appreciated, But Abroad is well Accepted” given Mariano Jacinto.
Another component is the huitlacoche soluble dietary fiber, which keeps the stable blood glucose levels. Between 50 and 65% of the dry weight of huitlacoche other fiber, which is very important function and intestinal para Also. creates a feeling of fullness in the Eat Me.

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